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About Us

Company Introduction

The Company was established on September 2014 with the objective to provide ICT solutions and hardware for clients right from individuals through to simple traditional business, private enterprise and organizations. We also provide car rental and transportation services through our subsidiary company.



Nadi Business Solutions service designed specifically to meet the requirement of each client to empower individuals or their organizations. We offer greater leverage on corporate planning, gain better efficiency and proficiency to maximize profit with reduced operational costs.

At Nadi Business Solutions, to understand the problems, needs and requirements of clients is our first top priority. Once that is thoroughly understood, the phases from analysis and design through to implementations, documentations and user training can be executed smoothly from start to finish.


To achieve that Nadi Business Solutions has a straight forward philosophy. We will go through every process together with our clients right from the start and continues after delivery to provide a sustained support and enhancement of the system according to our clients requirements.


In summary, Nadi Business Solutions is committed to provide NOT only IT Solutions but more importantly to continue support any needs from our clients. This bring us to next level of achieving organizational objectives while at the same time spend less for operational costs.



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